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Basilicata consists of some of the most amazing cultural, historical, archaeological and excursion sites that represent the fundamental stages in the Lucania territory that includes place like Maratea to the Pollino National Park, Metaponto to Matera and much more.

Maratea: Tyrrhenian's pearl

Maratea that is situated in the Policastro Gulf is the most important touristy place in Basilicata. It is well known for its clear and deep waters, Longobard watch towers, 44 churches, chapels and the San Biagio?s mountains with its sanctuary (VI ? VII century) and Redeemer statue overlooking the whole coast from Calabria to Campania. The old town consist of a main square, narrow pathways, portals and shops. Close to the old town one also finds the "Meraviglie grottos". It was discovered in 1929 and is about 60 m above sea level.

la costa... il porto... il mare...
la Grotta delle Meraviglie... la statua del Cristo Redentore... il tramonto...

Pollino National Park

Excursions are available to admire its landmark Pinus Leucodermis tree and the "Piano Ruggio" with its "Malevento" views overlooking the "Orsomorso" mountains and the Calabria landscape.

il fiume Lao... il Pino Loricato: simbolo del Parco... il Raganello...
il monte Dolcedorme... un lupo, comune alla fauna del luogo...

Matera: World Heritage of Man

Matera is called the rock town. UNESCO recognized it as one of the 395 world Heritage of Man sites in 1993. It consists of the Caveoso and Barisano side and various rock churches. It is worth seeing!

~ vista sui Sassi di Matera ~ ~ vista sui Sassi di Matera ~ ~ vista sui Sassi di Matera ~
~ vista sui Sassi di Matera ~ ~ vista sui Sassi di Matera ~

Metaponto: the Tavole Palatine

In Metaponto along the Ionian coast one can admire the "Tavole Palatine" which means Hera's temple. Its built in a Doric style. One can also visit Policoro, that replaced the Heraclea during the middle ages, and the Siritide national museum that is all about the history of the Agri and Sinni territory.

Tavole Palatine Tavole Palatine Tavole Palatine


Venosa is a very ancient Roman village at the foot of the Vulture Mountain. Here Quinto Orazio Flacco was born in 65 B.C. He was one of the greatest lyric of antiquity and poets of his time. The old urban village of Venosa is one of the most interesting examples of Basilicata. The castle "Pirro del Balzo" is situated on the southwestern side of the valley where the old village of Venosa is found. Inside these ancient Roman Walls one finds a beautiful old Church restored during the Longobard age (century X). They began the restoration work in the XII century but were never completed. For this reason it still holds the name the unfinished one today which in Italian means Incompiuta.

la statua dedicata a Quinto Orazio Flacco
Castello Pirro del Balzo la casa di Orazio Incompiuta

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